Why This Approach To Facilitation?

An Innovative Approach During a Time of Uncertainty and Change.

My facilitation and trauma-informed approach draws on research-based methods and real-life experiences to help facilitate transformational group experiences and create positive outcomes for a whole organization, team, or group to flourish.


Jesse’s Facilitation Enables You To

  • Honor The Diversity of All Voices Being Heard
  • Uncover Possibilities For a New Future
  • Build Connection, Bonding, and a Sense of Community
  • Identify Core Strengths, Resources, and Values
  • Immediately Implement The Activities and Learnings
  • Increase Team Harmony
  • Create Faster, More Accurate and Creative Decision-Making
  • Build Psychological Safety Quickly and Effectively
  • Connect Individuals and Teams to a Deep Sense of Purpose
  • Unlock The Collective Wisdom of The Group
  • Create Future Visions and Action Plans
  • Transform Your Online Events, Meetings, and Workshops
  • Collaborate From A More Inclusive Perspective
  • Increase a Sense of Well-Being and Appreciation of Collective Action

Prevention Training for Companies


Today I train some of the top companies in the world to:

  • Promote Addiction Awareness

  • Create a Recovery Supportive Workplace

  • Build Psychological Safety Quickly and Effectively

  • Unlock The Collective Resilience of The Group

  • Transform Their In-Person and Online Events, Meetings, and Workshops


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