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“To see the number of folks participating. Their openness, their willingness to share, are all huge things. A lot of guys generally don’t open up. And to open up that quickly to someone coming in that they don’t know was phenomenal. This would absolutely benefit people in recovery whether they have six minutes, six days or six months of sobriety. This (training) would absolutely be beneficial to them in terms of their long-term outcomes. Positive long-term outcomes.”

Andrew West – Executive Director of Bonfire Recovery Services

“Trainings are boring. Same messages from different people, regurgitating statistics and facts from years long ago. Training can be the black cloud of necessity to keep our certifications or licensure valid.

The training that Jesse delivers, through Entrepreneurs of Recovery, is designed to tap into each one of our personal and unique skill sets to fan a flame of fire that brought us to our work in the beginning.“

Claudia Hamilton – Executive Director of LivingProof Recovery and NextDoor

“After Jesse runs his workshop, typically, the atmosphere for the entire group itself comes up positively charged. There are a lot of remarks about Jesse’s workshops, such as “Jesse’s groups actually led me to feel more empowered. I think that what Jesse is doing for the recovery community is deeply impactful. I think that Jesse’s work is going to have a great impact on the lives of people, and by affecting the lives of those individuals, it will then continue to spread down for more and more people.”

Ryan Gagne – Executive Director of Avenues Extended Care

“Thank you for being a guiding light for all those around you and for creating opportunities for individuals like myself to create an impact in deep, meaningful ways. Through your training and guidance, doors have opened up for me in ways I never thought possible. We truly are changing lives.”

Stephanie Courtillier – Founder of Integrous Women

Participant shares from Stephanie running the Building Resilience workshop:

“We are courageously connecting to a spirit within us that leads us to acceptance and confidence.”

“We resilient women are committed to evolving with creative and loving instincts to overcome addiction with kindness and empathy to transform chaos into serenity.”

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