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About Jesse Harless


My name is Jesse Harless, and my mission is to change the world of mental health and addiction recovery one conversation at a time.

I train, design, and facilitate events online and in-person with workplaces, organizations, drug courts, education and advocacy recovery training companies, mental health centers, communities, addiction treatment centers, recovery community organizations, sober living residences, and more. I’m currently training certified professional coaches at the International Center for Addiction and Recovery Education as well as working to help build and train communities of recovery in Georgia with the Georgia Council on Substance Abuse.

I’m passionate about seeing people get a great start to their addiction and mental health recovery journey. I started my addiction and mental health recovery journey at the age of 22 after many years of struggle. But where do individuals impacted by addiction and mental health conditions find community, conversations, training, resources, and tools to thrive today?  If you’re interested in learning more about my training or would like to collaborate, send a message to jesse@recoveryfacilitation.com

How might we create a global community of compassion, connection, and resources for those affected by addiction and mental health conditions?

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